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Do we need prophet's today?

Blowing Wind

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Why do we need prophets when we have the bible? Well, the simple answer is it is one of the gifts Jesus gave to the church to help equip us until He returns. (Ephesians 4: 9-16)

There are many attributes to this gift and one of them covered in this video is timing. Will you listen? Will you prepare and be ready? God uses prophets to tell us what time it is. Another way of saying it is -Do you know what time it is? And will you be ready?

Hey honey, "Do you know all the money you borrowed and gambled away, well the bill is coming due to pay it back! what are you going to do about it?"

Do we need prophets?
What other useful attributes of a prophet have you thought of?
Or do we need Jesus’s ministry at all today or can we each go it on our own? What do think?
Here’s a short video on some thoughts on that subject I made.

Blowing Wind

New Member
I don't accept the premise of the question. On simpler terms, did you not receive new revelation to know God to receive the gift of salvation, or revelation to continue to grow in Christ was it not new to you. Prophets are not creating new revelation. Even though it may be new to you. They speak the heart of God when people have lost their way. John didn't give us new revelation besides the words Christ had for the individual churches. He was reiterating God's plan for the final judgement which was consistent with what God has already shown us about himself, and has conveyed through apostle and prophets from the beginning.
Such a good job has been done shutting out these two other ministry gifts that now we have so much division and folks living in sin because they excommunicated these gifts from Church that kept the idea of following one. So now there are so many christian living in sin because God revelation is no longer part of their on going equipping from these two gifts. It like saying, " God, I only want to hear part of what you speaking that way I can decide on the rest myself." I am glad Paul made the observation of what was in a spirit filled church. Telling us about the Lord work through the ministry gifts He provided until he returns. That is the short of answer the rest is not worth debating, because everyone will believe what they believe.


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Knowledge of what we need for salvation is provided in the Bible. The Holy Spirit indeed speaks to everyone, but that is not new prophecy.

All of the gifts still exists, but the Pentecostals miss define them. The Bible is quite clear the gift of the Holy Spirit is given at the point of salvation and the gift of prophecy is given to some, but not everyone.

The rich man in hell in answer to his question was told the Bible gives all that is needed for salvation.

Granted, there are many that have no understanding of the gifts. Some of the claim. There are no longer given, which is false. But it is equally wrong to claim a gift to something other than what it is,