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Please Return The Respirators


Pro Poster
Many are seeking to profit by acquiring respirators, N95 masks, hand sanitizers and are re-selling them for big profit on the net. In some sense, that is the American way but now as we see our police, doctors, nurses, etc. going without, I think you all know what would be good to do … give them back or drop them off at a hospital, police station etc. …

Please, their lives are at stake. They need these to do their jobs, ... and really, … the life you save might be your own …


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There is a difference between this and the foundation of what the true "American" way is.
This is pure greed.

Leave stuff on the shelves so people that need can access it.

Playing a modern day robin hood during this time is not your role. Its selfish.


Pro Poster
yes greed. some come from countries that I assume they had nothing and saw something like this before.
yet greed prevails in them as well. Those are the ones I have seen loading up.
people want sanitizer for their carts... we have only what little for us at work and its been 2 weeks since it was all purchased
check your local craigslist.. or ebay. disgusting