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Matthew 12:40


New Member
re: "You have done this for many years in many places. It is your only topic."

What is your point in so far as it is applicable to this topic?

BTW, some of the topics I've started in many places over the years are:
Belief a Conscious Choice?
Cornelius and Acts 10:30
Disputed Ending of Mark 16
Matthew 28:1-10 versus John 20:1 and 2
Acts 10:30
Three Curtains
European Calendar
Seven Day Week Continuity
1 Samuel 30:13
Messiah as the antitype of the wave sheaf offering.
John 19:31
First Century Jerusalem
The Messiah's Spirit left His body at the moment of His death. Where did it go?
Matthew 28:1-10, Luke 24:1-12, John 20:1-18 and Mark 16:1-8
Discrepancy between Leviticus 23:6 and Matthew 26:17?
Dietary Laws
Fraternal Twins

Also, you still have questions directed to you in posts number 32, 43, 47 and 56 with which you have yet to answer.


Site Administrator
Staff member
Plenty of examples give over the years yet you keep asking. Why?

Curiosity? Nope. You have some other agenda.

Odd that you keep asking me to clarify my accusations when its quite obvious you are obfuscating the truth and hiding some agenda.

No one goes on board after board asking the same question, year after year, somehow keeping track of it all out of "simple curiosity".

So how about actually explaining yourself and why you keep asking this one question.