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Statement of Faith

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While CTZ is open for all thinking to be discussed and debated, it is important to understand what the Administration of CTZ believes. That is only fair to the users.

Therefore, a summary of what the Founder believe follows:
  • The Bible is the inerrant and infallible word of God.
  • God is spirit only. He has no flesh.
  • God is a uni-plural word meaning three persons of absolutely equal and unlimited power, knowledge, presence, nature and purpose working as a singular whole.
  • In the Old Testament, theologically, God was known as the First, Second and Third Person (Holy Spirit).
  • At the Incarnation, the First Person commanded the Second Person to enter the virgin Mary to take on human flesh via the action of the Holy Spirit.
  • The male side of Christ comes from the Father, the female from Mary, thus Christ, while being human, did not inherit any sinful nature, as the rest of us have.
  • The flesh the Son took on is Christ. It did not exist before the Incarnation except as part of God's Plan.
  • The flesh of Christ is only human. The spirit of Christ is only God. The mind of Christ is human and God. Thus Christ is God and Man at the same time.
  • Since sin entered the world via Adam, the First Man, only another Man could pay the sin price. That is why the Son came to be.
  • The First Person now is known as the Father, the Second the Son and the Third the Holy Spirit.
  • All humans born via sex have a sin nature within their flesh.
  • Sin condemns all to Hell and the Lake of fire.
  • The only escape is via the Blood Payment and Resurrection of Christ.
  • To obtain this payment requires faith in Christ alone. There is no other way and no works that can save anyone.
While all the areas encompass greater areas of understanding and study, these are the foundational understandings from which all else stems.
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