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Pre-Adamic to Post-Revelation


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Genesis 1
1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
Before Genesis there is no indication there was anything but God. That is beyond our ability to comprehend.

Also beyond our ability to comprehend is God has no beginning. We do not know why he exists, we just know he exists and has always existed.

The Bible calls him the, "Causeless Cause."

That does grate on Atheists, Humanists and others. They want to believe they can explain everything, either today or tomorrow. But they cannot.

Nor do we know why God created anything. He doesn't need anything else. But, it seems he wants to share good things will others. So he did create the Universe.

Existence has gone through many stages and changes. We see in the Bible the following sequence of events:
  • Just God
  • Angels created. The Bible tells us the angels watched God creating the earth
  • Heavens and the earth
  • Pre-Adamic Creation on the earth
  • Pre-Adamic destruction of the earth
  • The Adamic Six Days of reforming the earth and life upon it
  • The Age of Innocence
  • The Fall of Man
  • The Time of Law of Conscience
  • The Flood destruction of the earth
  • Babel and the dividing of the one Continent
  • Mosaic Law Age
  • The Church Age
  • The 7 Year Tribulation
  • The Millennial Kingdom
  • The final destruction of this earth and the end of time
  • The New Heavens and Earth
  • The New Jerusalem, Lake of Fire and the Rest
So many questions which we cannot answer authoritatively. But we can have theories.

My theory is God wants to share his bounty. So he created life.

But, to truly have love, etc. there has to be freewill. Freewill means some will not accept his rule and goodness.

At the White Throne Judgement he says to all who stand before him and are condemned that none of them have an excuse.

What excuses are possible to avoid the Lake of Fire?
  • If only you make us spirit beings without the temptations of the flesh, knowing good from evil and eternal, I would not here - He did make the angels thus and 1/3 still rebelled
  • If only you made us eternal flesh with knowledge of good and evil and lacking for nothing - God did make the Pre-Adamics with all these attributes. Some still rebelled
  • If only you had made us innocent - without knowledge of good and evil there would have been no temptation to sin. He make Adam and Eve innocent, but they still rebelled
  • If only we were able to sin and in seeing the sin want your perfection. God allowed The Fall of Adam and gave us his Son so we could come to him and achieve perfection. People still reject God
I believe that makes the point God created and/or allowed all these condition to have existed to prove no matter how he did it, by allowing freewill so our love and obedience would be true, not robotic, some will always rebel.

It also shows those who will rebel cannot be allowed to intermix with those who will not. It always results in conflicts and problems coming in many forms. To truly share in God's pefection and plenty, those who rebel must be separated from all others.

Another argument given is if those who choose to sin were to only be given their own place, apart from those who do not, it would be fair to all and true love.

It will not work. Those who sin will always strive to use and abuse others. So some would suffer for the benefit of others, until they are able to reverse the situation and be in power themselves.

Additionally, It is not just for those who rebel to enjoy God's perfection and blessings. They will pervert it, abuse it and misuse it for sin.

Finally, the question of why God isn't going to just keep doing it more and more so more can share?

Good question and one that goes back to why did God do it all?

I believe the Bible gives a probable answer. It says God's patience is not without end. When he creates the New Heavens and New Earth, it has ended.

There is a lot not said about life on the New Earth and in the New Jerusalem. All life exists for a purpose. We are not told what our purposes will be.

That means something will be going on, but we do not know what or why.

With that said, the following topics dig into issues listed above and more. I hope you find them thought provoking and informative.

John logan

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I believe God created earth for the fallen angels. I believe Adam and Eve were put here to convert the fallen angels back,God loves all but will not tolerate sin at all. When Adam and Eve ate the tree of knowledge they were expelled from the garden. When they joined with the fallen angels all were sin The fallen angels were who would have killed Caine when he was exiled. To say we evolved very much denies the structure of the knee shoulder the hand the brain the bible says we are created in God image. I believe man was an attempt to regathering the angels back to heaven.


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It does not say that in the Bible anywhere.

The Pit was created to hold the Fallen until Judgement Day. The Earth already existed before they Fell, but Man did not.

The Fallen Angels did not kill Cain. Nor were they .

There was no going back to Heaven for the Fallen. There was no sin price for them.

Evolution does not exist.

John logan

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In the bible it says the sons of God bred with the daughters of man no answer which was created first they might have if Caine didn't have the mark on his forehead. The flood destroyed all but the righteous but they were still sin. Evolution does not exist but man is taller stronger although I think dumber


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Sons of God refer to all who belong to God in a special relationship. Born again are Sons of God.

The Sons of Gods you are referring to were followers of God who married with the daughters of man, those not of God.

Fallen Angels are imprisoned in the The Pit until Judgement per Jude. Not out running around free.

Before said, the Bible never calls a Fallen Angel a demon or a demon a Fallen Angel.

Angels are neither male or female and per the Bible they do not marry. They cannot reproduce.

Think about. If there were male then they were female angels. If they had both sexes then there were children to angels.

Plus God decreed only like kind can reproduce. Man and Angels are not alike. Angels are spirits, not flesh and blood.
There were Nephlim, the supposed offspring of fallen with women after the Flood as well. Nephelim means Giants. Goliath was a Nephilim.

Read here.
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John logan

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I'm not sure the first distinction is made how else were there lion men etc. I believe God want the fallen back else how do we explain Jesus where else did the ungodly come from. Three versus later God lamented and would destroy all men? Love you my brother.


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There were no lion men.You need to read the Pre-Adamic forum where that is covered. As well as the War in Heaven where the Fallen Angels were cast down into the Pit and their prior places in Heaven.

God laments the loss of all but it does not stop him from putting them in Hell and later the Lake.

Sorry, but you are adding assumptions that just are not supported in the Bible.

As I said, there is no blood for the Fallen Angels. Never shed for them.

The ungodly came from their own sins. You cannot love without the ability to choose to not live. That is freewill choice.

As Romans said, those who belong t God choose to love him.

There is no forgiveness of sin with blood.

John logan

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Sorry the lion men are lion like men from Sam 23-20i think you mean no forgiveness of sin without blood the sons of God written in
Genesis 6 are not men else wise the statement in Gen 6-4 the daughters of men which became mighty men of renow. I wonder the blood of men wasn't mixed with the blood of angels all dead after the flood. I'll take your word for absence of mix but I'll keep looking. Pray without ceasing.


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Yes, the Sons of God were men. I already told you way they could not be Fallen Angels.

Only God can create anything. To be able to reproduce they would have had to create flesh and bone bodies for themselves. They would have had to create sperm, which is living and only God can create life.

Man was sinful. The Fallen Angels were sinful and chained in the Pit. There was no innocent Fallen Angel or Man to shed blood in their behalf.

God became Man because only a Man could should blood for mankind. So there was no writing in Fallen Angels.

The Bible says ALL the Fallen are chained in the Pit and condemned. None spared.

Compare the Sons and God to Daughters of Man today. We are in the Apostasy.

The 6th church of Revelation is extremely weak compromising God's teachings, marrying atheists and other religions, going along with social liberalism..

The Seventh church is empty, Christian in name only and heading for the Trib.

How many "men of renown," in and out of the Church, today are heading for Hell or the Trib?

Being renown does not equal being good. Look at Obama, Trump, Putin, etc. All are heroes to many.