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This is not a discussion Category. It is an opinion and commentary by me, CoreIssue.

Does it mean you cannot discuss what is said here? No. It means since this a topical commentary, it needs to be kept clean, as easy to find topics as possible, and consistent from one point of view. Discussion can take place in the appropriate Forums found elsewhere in on the board.

How to discuss? Well, you can:
  • Copy the URL from the Address Window above, create a link in a thread, and then discuss what has been said.
  • You can copy and paste quotes from here into another thread and make your points. Please remember to use the quote function (") in the editor bar.
I hope you find the material here interesting, educational and thought provoking. In some cases I hope you are challenged by the disagreement with your doctrines and see just becauee you denomination teaches it does not necessarily make it so.

Everyone should be challenged to read, think, research and learn. Just accepting the teachings of others is not a good thing to do. You need to know why you believe what you believe.

I tried to place the subcategories in Biblical time order where possible. If not, by topical grouping.

Please enjoy!
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