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A Day of Reckoning

Blowing Wind

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Every day is like yesterday, until it's not and then it is too late. The "Day of Reckoning" was a word of the Lord I shared last spring which came to me late winter 2020. It was really the beginning for me with a word that has prompted me to share more with you about what is coming and encourage those who listen to keep staying true and embrace hardship in doing what is right. The scriptures point to a reward for doing so.

It is a reminder not to forget or neglect the opportunity God has given us to put our life in right standing before Him. With what is about to come on us in the near future we will need all the strength that will come from living right and pleasing in God's sight. God will use what you have given Him to help you stand in Jesus in the days ahead when you may be tempted to give up and give in. Never quit!
What have you have been doing or change recently to continue to stay close or closer in your relationship with Jesus?
Here’s a short video of thoughts about that word one year later.



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In 2018 I put it like this ...



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As the church age comes to an end, God has created a time of decision. Are you giving your all for Jesus are just trying to get through? Are you looking to Christ or to the world for answers?

When the church is raptured you can still come to God but you will not be born again until you die. then you must do so under the covenant of Israel and Judah.

Many will in fact become tribulation saints, but that is the path that will frequently lead to your death, but is worth it.

So be smart and be born again while the church is still here.