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Why Evolution Is Undeniable

Discussion in 'General Talk' started by CTZonEdit, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. CTZonEdit

    CTZonEdit Site Administrator Staff Member


    Bill, humanity is more than a collection of cells. We are significantly more than mere meat machines reacting to random chemical processes. Being a conscious, emotional and self aware being is something that science has no way to test with a scientific method. Yet this is part of the human reality we live in which is undeniable.

    Therefore since it is quite evident that we are more than the sum of our human parts that you cannot make such definitive statements about evolution in regards to understanding yourself or every other living thing on Earth.

    Bill, please refrain from making definitive statements that all lifeforms blasted out of ancient stars. This is another science-fiction theory that you and many other scientists that abuse the tool of science continue to use to pander your atheistic/humanist worldview into the minds of children who for very sound logical reasons believe in a biblical worldview instead of a humanistic or atheistic one. So explain why humanists and atheists are allowed to pander their worldview as science but those that believe in the bible are not.

    So what you really want to imbue into students is not actually scientific, at least not science in its true form. You want young formative minds to believe what you are so "passionate" about as scientific truth instead of them determining what science really is and what truth and reality really are and how to logically come to their own conclusions about life, origins, and the universe. How is you pushing your agenda any different that the creationists you are so against?

    I'm not fooled Mr. Nye and I hope other truth seekers see right through your agenda as well.

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