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My fiance out with two other men.

Discussion in 'General Talk' started by jeager106, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. jeager106

    jeager106 Getting Started

    Two men came by and took Dolores to the movies.
    I'm a bit under the weather and wanted to watch football anyway.
    So why don't I mind that Dee is out with two other guys?
    Well, Dolores is completely trustworthy.
    The two men are a "couple". :love::love:
    They are two friends of ours that happen to be gay.
    (gee I remember when "gay" meant "happy!")
    I have no concerns about Dolores anyway but she is completely "safe"
    with those two if you get my meaning.
    I can't say I have "gay" men friends on my "he-man" outdoors men forums.
    The guys just wouldn't understand my acceptance I guess.
    NO! I don't approve of the gay lifestyle. I also don't judge.
    That isn't in my job description.
    God judges, I do not.

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