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Is It Time to Divide America?


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I don't see anything good ahead with the country so divided. … possibly even violent backlash from whoever loses the White House, … so …

What if every State got their wish and remained under the control of whichever party won the State … and I mean on a federal level? Republicans would run the Red States under a Red President and Democrats under a Blue President would run the the Blue States. They would share the White House. The money to run the Blue States would come mainly from the Blue States, the same rule for the Red States.

This would result in diversity to accommodate everyone. California would be (hypothetically) a Blue State and therefore have a more liberal structure to live by, Red States would live under a more conservative control.

This “might” stimulate positive things, ... as in competition to thrive and be better …

Just a thought and I am sure it is not a new one … probably too complicated to put into practice …



Pro Poster
I Agree … I find myself dealing with this on two levels …

The fleshly citizen in me still seeks to find a cure and is dismayed at the dissolution of society while the spiritual citizen in me watches in amazement, trusting God to exercise His plan …

As God withdraws it is evident that much of our ability to reason correctly to survive, is (was) influenced by Him, ... and to see Him withdraw, … what is left is not a pretty sight …


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Something about a house divided cannot stand... comes to mind.

E Pluribus Unum. Out of many ONE, ...not two, or three...ONE.

You cannot start unraveling what the founding fathers established and keep any semblance of a "United" States. The blue states would become more and more leftist, want more and more power (because that's what leftists do reign thru power and control) and they would quickly go to war with the red states.

There would be another brutal civil war.


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The important part has already become unraveled. America is letting in strange gods, groves and high places. She is tossing out the God on which the Nation was founded, …

I see war, flames and famine … people with no hope …

Yes We Will Be Gone