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Howdy old pards.


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Hi Core and everyone else, dropping in to say hi.
Been a rough dirt road for me last bunch of years and still not doing well, having prostate issues now and has moved into my hip so have been walking with a cane.
Looking forward to the rapture.


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Thanks Will, long time no see, naw the cane was Norma`s Grandma`s.
I haven`t left the property in ten months and to stubborn to go to the doctor.


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hey, buddy, glad to hear from you again. Old is not fun. Got some issues myself. One fixed and one in work.

Go to doctor.


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Yo Core, maybe someday i`ll go but not yet waiting for it to go away on its own.
I went to a specialist a year ago, PSA test was normal said i have Chronic Prostatitis and i think what happened is from enlargement and inflammation it is pinching the sciatic nerve and joint in my hip.
Anyway as Merle Haggers song, i`m tired of it all. lol.
Looking forward to all the snow melting so its easier to get around, bought a new night vision monocular and can hardly get the field to look across it.
Hi to Mike too, thanks for the Christmas card.


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Riding the bike might help that sciatic nerve ...? ...that's a good add on ... what do you carry in it?


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Stay safe ITW - remember this virus is serious, currently in lock down in the UK - avoid social interaction as much as possible. xx


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Thanks xhacker same to ya, i haven`t been off the property since last summer and Norma wore a mask to town today for groceries.