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How Things Change!


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The hospital I was born in is long gone.

All the homes I grew up in are gone.

Boot camp is still there. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naval_Station_Great_Lakes

NCTC Pensacola has been repurposed.

RAF Edzell, Scotland is no longer Navy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naval_Station_Great_Lakes

NavSecGruAct Guam is now a reserve training.

NavSecGruHQ in Virginia is now a Homeland Security Hq.

One pleasant memory is Talafo falls.

talofofo falls.jpgBethlehem Steel, Burns Harbor, IN, is gone.

The company I owned is gone.

The conservative city in which I was a councilman and mayor is now liberal.

I know change is inevitable, but the way the nation's sliding more and more into liberalism and anti Christian has me very ready for the rapture.
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The RAF base I was station on in Scotland is long closed.

Locals erected a monument to us in Scotland issued a Tartan in our honor.

I never had the courage to get a kilt.

USN Tartan.jpg