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Discussion in 'End Times - Homosexuality' started by CoreIssue, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. John logan

    John logan Getting Started

    Today there seems to be a concerted attempt to get high school age teens and even younger kids to try experiment with homosexual sex. A perversion leads to an increasing attempt to go futher same as using drugs.
  2. Mickeylittle

    Mickeylittle New Member

    No doubt about that. Hollywood has done a fabulous job of making homosexual individuals on TV/Movies were attractive, smart, and loveable! They have pushed that agenda better than most presidential candidates have pushed theirs!
  3. CTZonEdit

    CTZonEdit Site Administrator Staff Member

    I notice how quickly we are now returning to the times of Sodom and Gomorrah. Except now on a world wide scale.

    Keep in mind what God did to those two cities and now understand why he must once again judge the world in the same manner. With fire.
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  4. jeager106

    jeager106 Getting Started

    Hollywierd is a better noun than Hollywood.
    I'm not homophobic. I do not fear homosexuals.
    I've never had a homosexual encounter and would not.
    To this male it's repulsive, unnatural, sick, perverted, demented, and 100% against
    Christian principles.
    That said I see no reason to be VIOLENT towards those of the gentle persuasion.
    I just want nothing to do with them.
    Long ago when I was about 16 I lived 5 miles from high school.
    I missed the school bus due to after school activities and walked home
    taking a short cut by walking the r.r. tracks.
    A young man, older than me ran up behind me scaring me.
    He ....................well................"propositioned" me saying he could "satisfy"
    I figured out pretty quick he was demented and perverted.
    I ran as fast as I could all the way home and told by dad.
    Pops didn't take any crap from anyone and being a WWII combat vet
    was no one to mess with.
    He took a pistol and went looking for Chester the molester.
    He didn't find him. Good thing for all concerned I think.
    Dad explained that in the Army of those times homosexuals got beaten
    and maybe killed!
    Women have gotten me into enough trouble in my reckless youth. :>)
    3 failed marriages, 4 wonderful children..............................
    God, faith, keeps me sober one day at a time, and faithful to my fiance.
    I get on my knees and thank Him for each day of sobriety.
    Alcoholism killed both my parents.
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  5. Willy

    Willy Pro Poster

    Today, "Chester the molester" might be your Senator or Governor ...
  6. CoreIssue

    CoreIssue Administrator Staff Member


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