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Holy Spirit - End Discrimination

Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Removed By Request, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. Hello, am looking for people who can confirm with the Holy Spirit that we need to end discrimination against the female half of God's Image.
    God has given me the one word message of "Equality" over 40 years ago and i have found inequality to be at the root of our worlds worse problems. I believe Prophecy was only given to us to change the worse from happening, if we do not do what we can to change the worse we are going towards. Peace, B. www.equality4peace.org
  2. CoreIssue

    CoreIssue Administrator Staff Member

    Well, Buddhism and Confucianism do not believe in any god. Islam believe in a male god. the Christian God is neither male or female. So your first sentence has a problem.

    As for the claim of "Equality," there is nothing in the Bible that even hints of equality. Christ rules the Church and husbands rule their wives.

    You cannot find Catholicism in the Bible. It is an invention of Pagan Rome.

    The Bible gives us very clear prophecy on where we are heading. That is some to Rapture and some into the Trib.

    It is all about our relationship to Christ.

    Not trying to be impolite, but why should I believe God spoke to you? Why not your own desires are influencing you or demons, who love to pretend to be from God. All you have to is research the Bible, OT and NT, for false prophets, the Anti-Christ, etc.

    God always give proofs for his prophets and demands they conform to past Biblical revelation. Sorry, but you are contradicting that past revelation and have nothing Biblical supporting you.

    Now, your turn, share your proof, which cannot simply be a claim God spoke to you.

  3. To prove something you have to be able to scientifically repeat it. God is a matter of belief,
    and faith.
    We believe usually in the information we have been given from our religious background,
    the cultural times we live in, and most of all by parents, friends or those in authority over us
    in whom we have been raised.
    This is obvious the way it has been in our past, as most people in a religious culture have remained
    in that belief and pass it on to their children generation to generation.

    The exception is when God chooses to speak to someone, as has happened in the past. Like Moses,
    I was shown God's Hand or The Hand of Jesus, at 5 years old, i believe at that young age and Moses
    in his 80's, so neither of us would believe it was from any merit of our own. The whole court saw God's
    finger writing on the banquet wall of the king who had captured Jerusalem, and were using the sacred
    vessels of the Temple.
    Yes the God of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus does still act in our History. I was not given another supernatural
    sign, except the occasional feeling God was with me in some of my prayers for over 25 years. That being
    when i felt i needed a sign or "fleece" that God was really real, since i had had other sign for so long.
    After praying for over 2 weeks for the sign gave up felt i had prayed all i could and sat down in an chair
    thinking maybe there really was no real God. Suddently God's felt Presence came into the room, washing
    over everything and there was no doubt this was God for it was a Holy Pure LOVE, that covered everything
    in the room including myself, and i heard the distinct word of "Equality".
    Have spent over 40 years learning the meaning of that word, that has led me into witnessing to the Catholic
    Church, as being by far the largest group of Christians from where God's morality should be flowing.

    As a Christian, we do not worship a God of inequality, but one of Equality, who equally loves even the worse
    of sinners. The Bible says very little about the exact nature of God, except in general terms of Righteousness,
    but when God's nature is described in both the Old and New Testament we know that God is "not a god of partiality"
    But a God of Equity.
    It is men's patriachal traditions of inequality and translating God's name in male terms of Father only instead of "Our
    Heavenly Parent" which is the true meaning of the Aramaic that Jesus spoke when he called God "ABBA".
    that keeps us in inequality and sexism, as well as a male false sense of superiority and a casting of females into
    second class roles in politics, economics, as well as social behavior. This is changing as people have gone through
    the Civil Rights of ending slavery and gaining women's right to even vote here in America, (not until 1921).
    The sins and evils of inequality are coming to an end by God's Word, which is never written in stone, but in the
    hearts of God's people. For when you have The Holy Spirit, in your heart, and your heart is open to hearing from
    God, you know what is right to do and not do.
    For "God is LOVE and when w"e love, we live in God and God lives in us." I John 4:16

  4. CoreIssue

    CoreIssue Administrator Staff Member

    And then there are those who study history, science, etc, weigh it against religious claims, and see if any has overwhelming evidence that it is true.

    That is why non believers, those from other religions, etc switch to literal Biblical Christianity.

    While there is faith, it is a reason and evidenced faith for many, including me.

    The Bible says test it all, not just go by faith alone.
    Read my above statement.
    Yep, but that does not apply to your or prove you case. All you have is your own words, nothing more.
    Of course.
    Again, only your word for it.
    Even those in false religions claim feelings.
    Interesting, considering the Bible is negative on those who demand signs.
    Not from God.
    The RCC is loaded with false teachings and beliefs.
    He loves all but even God says not all are equal.
    We are told a lot about his nature, but far from all.
    Equally loving and desiring all be saved. But not equal on many issues, such as men and women's roles.
    No, it is the Biblical given revelation using the grammar, semantics and meanings of the Greek and Hebrew languages.

    But, we know God is neither male or female. Angels are not male or female. In eternity we will be like the angels when it comes to gender.
    Nope, it is not. It means "Father" in the Aramaic.
    Read the roles of husband and wives in the Bible. The prohibition of women have power in the Church over men. If that is sexist God is sexist.
    As the Bible says, not the smallest iota (letter) of Gods meaning in his scriptures will change. So, it is in stone.
    God is love, but his love will not prevent his justice from acting, as in casting the eternally damned into the Lake of Fire.

    You are espousing the Catholic social gospel, not what the Bible says.

    By the way, I deleted the link from your last post. That is spamming and not allowed. If we allowed it we would be drowned in single posts with links in the sig lines.
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