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Donald John Trump … You Don't See This Everyday


Pro Poster
When I said I agreed with Trumps agenda back in 2015, I just didn't like the guy personally. I had avoided “The Apprentice” not wanting to watch this brash ego-maniac exercise his will over good hard working men and women. I rejected him … as a person that tramples the rights of others for his own personal gain … just because he can … and because, I guess, he wants to.

However I now know … that all that was just so that he could grow into this …

Here is the full speech without music … fast forward to 46:44 for introduction and speech …


This man, whether you like him or hate him, in my mind, is one of the most dominant human figures that I have ever encountered and to have the privilege, to watch him control his surroundings for righteousness, is a great joy.

I am embarrassed for and ashamed of the democrats (and Mitt Romney), they are out of the game, they have no one of this caliber, no one that can fight and be at home in the fight like it is his own personal domain, ... and honor God in the process.

Judge him as a man and you will find him more honest than most. He said what he said and did what he did and did not try to hide his humanity. I watch people rage against him as someone of inferior moral standards (I did the same until I thought it through). They wag the finger and ridicule him, and when I look at who is accusing, I know they are just like him (me) and have said and done the same things as we all have, they just aren't being honest about it. You aren't fooling anybody ... you that accuse ... look in the mirror..!!

Now , I am concerned that this charisma is given by God (or not), and I will watch this man like a hawk, but right now I am very proud of him. May God bless him and his family and direct his path … and if he is evil and I am somehow blinded to it, I pray God for mercy and enlightenment …

I pray also for his salvation, that God in mercy, would come to him, cast aside the dark that blinds us all and deal with this man. Break him, convince him to own his sin (we are all sinners) and then take him to that place where we must meet God “face to face”, to have life gifted, fellowship, joy and peace restored ...

in Jesus Name, I ask this of God,

Amen …

Isaiah 53:6

All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.

2 Corinthians 5:19-21

To wit, that “God was in Christ”, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation.

20 Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech [you] by us: we pray [you] in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God.

21 For he hath made him [to be] sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.

John 10:14-15

I am the good shepherd, and know my [sheep], and am known of mine.

15 As the Father knoweth me, even so know I the Father: and I lay down my life for the sheep.

John 10:27-30

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any [man] pluck them out of my hand.

29 My Father, which gave [them] me, is greater than all; and no [man] is able to pluck [them] out of my Father's hand.

30 I and [my] Father are one.

A closer look Mr. President … you never know who you might meet …