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Are we spoiled?

Discussion in 'General Talk' started by City, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. City

    City Pro Poster

    As I sit back and think of history and what our ancestors went through, third world countries today, dictatorships, ect.

    A question comes to mind, are we spoiled in America?

    (It appears that most Americans have a hard time dealing with hardships. I include myself in this, but now that I realize this I'm trying to change, not easy when its all you've known)

    With all the government help, mental and physical drugs, lack of hard work, tools ready at hand, vehicles.....

    We all like these things, it makes life mush easier.

    But is all this that's making life easier, what I'm sure billion of people have prayed for today and in the past, good for us? Does it get us more complaining and farther away from God?

    Or are we always looking for something to complain about? Are we wanting some sort of problems in our lives? Can we not just be content and enjoy what we have today that may be gone tomorrow?

    Don't get me wrong, who wouldn't want the medicine, vehicles ect. I know I sure do. If I had to get up and go live in the olden days right now, Guarantee you I'd be a woosie. Not afraid of hard work but the lack of medicine is a scary thing.
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  2. roman8

    roman8 Advanced Poster

    I think most of us in North America are very spoiled . I like to read about the martyrs it helps me to keep things in perspective . I am prone to the sin of complaining and also pride. So reading about what they went through helps to keep me humble when I realize how little I really do for the Lord.

    Also reading about what goes on now in other countries is helpful , if you read about what believers and missionaries in China go through just to go to church or gather together for a service , boy are we lucky. A great book is " Safely Home " by Randy Alcorn. It is a fiction book but based on things he knows that happen there . Also "Jesus Freaks" I think D.C Talk put that book together , there are some pretty recent stories in there. A lot of people like "Foxes Book of Martyrs" I found it to be a hard book to read , but you might enjoy it.
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  3. CoreIssue

    CoreIssue Administrator Staff Member

    Well said, guys. :yessmiley:
  4. City

    City Pro Poster

    Thanks for the book suggestions Roman8, I will definitely be checking some of those out. :D

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