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Adamic Six Days

Discussion in 'Adamic Six Days' started by CoreIssue, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. CoreIssue

    CoreIssue Administrator Staff Member

    The first topic covered was the Pre-Adamic Creation. Pre-Adamic Destruction followed. Now, we move on what most call the Six Days of Creation, which is an inaccurate label, as covered in the Pre-Adamic topic.

    At the dawn of the first of the six days we find Creation in this state:
    Moving on in Genesis 1 the Six Days begain:

    First notice time is in the Hebrew frame here. A day begins at sundown and ends at sundown. It is saying there is the night time, followed by the daytime, which together is a single day.

    Also note it does not say God created light here. You will not see the word 'create' used again. The Pre-Adamic topic lays out the difference in meanings between 'create' and 'made.' The Pre-Adamic Destruction topic also shows the earth was cloaked in darkness, thus blocking it from shining on the earth.

    Here God said let the light shine down again. But instead of all light all the time, now he let the light in part of a day and blocked it the rest of the day.

    The meaing of 'let' proves this as fact:
    To 'let' is to 'allow,' not 'create.' Meaning 4. is right to the point here. Light was allowed entry.

    The earth was without shape, chaotic, etc. When we read this it really drives the point home. It was such a disaster even what we call the sky, today, could not be distinguished from the everything below it. Hard if not impossible to imagine.

    Was it dense fog, ice or ice crystals?

    God didn't remove all the water from the 'sky.' As we know, the air holds a lot of water, but nothing like what was seen here.

    So God revealed/made the sky as a dividing container to separate the waters of the sky from the waters of the earth :
    It gets a bit confusing here talking about the 'vault,' also called the heavens or heaven.

    There are three heavens. The first is the sky, the second outer space and the third the dwelling place of God. Context determines which usage is meant in the verse.

    The earth was still in chaos, but now some order was restored.
    God gathered the water together into oceans and seas.

    As we know, there are oceans underneath the earth. Scientist have discovered them and the Bible talks about the waters coming out of the earth at the time of Noah's Flood.

    During the Pre-Adamic Destruction we know the earth's crust was shattered and the water rose and covered the land.

    After the eath is destroyed at the end of the Millennial Kingdon, and the New Earth is formed, we again see there are no oceans, no sun, stars or darkness. The earth is returned to the state of Genesis 1:1.

    On Day Three the shattered earth was pulled together and the waters were either put back under the earth's crust or gathered into the vast areas of destruction to form seas and oceans. That lowered the water levels and the dry land reappeared.

    Note it does not say 'create' and it says good, not perfection. There was sin in the world from Satan's rebellion, so everything is tainted with death and decay.

    Referring to the Tower of Babel, all the land was one massive continent, not the continents of today. Scientists call that mass 'Gaia.'
    Again the interesting point it does not say God created life, but 'let' and 'made' (i.e. verse 25) it exist. In Genesis 2 it says God 'caused' plants to grow.
    Also, it was plant life, not animal.

    Nowhere does God ever say he created light. There has always been light. He is light.

    It does say God made darkness, meaning the absence of light. We see it happen in Genesis 1:2.

    Here God takes it a step further. Instead of light just being there with darkness coming and going, now he gave them very distinct separations. He made the sun, moon and stars, which are distanct suns. He gave them the purposes of giving light, signs of the seasons, navigation, etc.

    This is a good place to point out God never says he made planets during the Six Days. They already existed.

    We can go to other parts of the Bible, such as Jude, where it talks about the sanctuaries, abodes, etc of angels. I believe the planets of the Universe are those places.

    The Bible does talk about angels in Heaven and the New Jerusalem, but it says they come and go. It also says on the New Earth there are kingdoms outside the gates of the City.

    God added fish and birds to the earth.

    This rejects evolution. It says each reproduces its own kind. No one kind becoming another kind. It also has birds existing before land animals. Yet, evolution says birds came from land animals.

    Land life was added. Interestingly God deliberately made some to be livestock and didn't add them until the same day he made Adam.
    Jumping to Genesis 2, there is more detail on the making of Man.
    There are several things to note here.

    First, God himself made Man. He did not command the earth or anything else to form him.

    Second, God used his own breath to put life into Adam. The meaning of 'breath' is crucial to understanding:
    It does not mean the act of breathing air in and out. It means God shared his spiritual nature with Adam.

    No, he did not share his Godly nature, but his eternal spiritual nature, him 'image.'. While his body, just as with grass, fish, birds and animals are made from, attached to and part of the earth, within his body God gave him an eternal spirit as well.

    He also gave Adam the ability to reason and freewill.

    At this point in time, though, he had not given him the ability to know good from evil. He was completely innocent.

    Finally, for the first time, you see the phrase 'living being.' It was not used prior during the Six Days and was not used until God breathed life into him.

    Knowing what 'being' means is important:
    Again the unique reference to soul, mind, will, etc that sets us apart from animal, etc.
    It is important to note that Man was not created eternal flesh. Like all other life God made he was temporal. Also God created Adam and Eve to reproduce.

    The meaning of the word 'rested' is important:
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  2. CTZonEdit

    CTZonEdit Site Administrator Staff Member

    How do we determine the length of a day being spoken of in this account? I have seen push back that the days before the sun and moon were made allows for long periods of days to have taken place here.
  3. CoreIssue

    CoreIssue Administrator Staff Member

    The first day was in Genesis 1: 2. A very long time existed before then because we see the initial creation of the earth, Pre-Adamic life, the War in Heaven (and the earth), destruction of the earth, etc.

    Regardless of of when the sun and moon were formed, it states every day had a morning and an evening, a daytime and a night time, which was a day. That makes it pretty apparent that in some manner half the heavens was lit while half was dark.

    Now, how do we figure out the length of the day? I think it is simple. Picture a gigantic ball of space, half lit and half dark with the earth in it. The earth rotates once every 24 hours, so it is lit half the time and dark half.

    One rotation is a day, just as we measure a day today, per rotation.

    That makes 6 days of creation of 24 hours each with an unknown length of time prior.
  4. Blake Henry

    Blake Henry New Member

    How long a day is and how old the universe and earth are has long been debated. Distant star light has the universe billions of years old. I only know that we can rely on the words of someone that was there.

    Christ told us, “From the beginning of the creation God made them male and female” (Mark 10:6).

    John tells us, In the beginning was the Word . . . and . . . all things were made by him” (John 1:1-3).

    We can be certain that Adam and Eve were created at the beginning of creation, not after the earth had already existed for 4.6 billion years.
  5. CoreIssue

    CoreIssue Administrator Staff Member

    It actually does not say "From."
    6 “But at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female."

    That is an undefined term as regarding when exactly.

    We are also told, in such as Romans 8, that God has know us "from" and "in" the very beginning.

    We know that Heaven, Earth, space, etc were already created before Adam and even were formed, not created, from the earth itself.

    We know they were not formed on the first day of the Six Days per Genesis.

    The word "created" is not used anywhere in the Six Days. It is used prior to only.

    As for the Word being there, of course the Second Person of the Trinity was there, but not Jesus.

    Jesus is the human body God indwelt, not God himself. Fully God in spirit, fully Man in flesh.

    Indeed there was life on the earth before Adam and Eve. that is covered in the Pre-Adamic forum.

    There is a very big difference between the meanings of the words create and form.
  6. Blake Henry

    Blake Henry New Member

    As an administrator of this site CoreIssue I feel confident that what I write here will be lost in the clouds. After a little research I found that you are a 'ruin-reconstruction theorists'. As a Gap theorists you may oppose evolution but believe in an ancient origin of the universe. I urge all that read this to get a full idea of what you believe by reading this article: https://answersingenesis.org/genesis/gap-theory/what-about-the-gap-and-ruin-reconstruction-theories/

    It helped me to understand where you are coming from and why you believe what you do. You are one of many ruin-reconstruction theorists that have allowed the fallible theories of secular scientists to determine the meaning of Scripture and have, therefore, accepted the millions-of-years dates for the fossil record.
    Some theorists also put the fall of Satan in this supposed period. But any rebellion of Satan during this gap of time contradicts God’s description of His completed creation on Day 6 as all being “very good” (Genesis 1:31).
    All versions of the gap theory impose outside ideas on Scripture and thus open the door for further compromise that has caused many people to doubt the Bible and leave the church. I belive that you are well-meant but are misguided and twist Scripture.

    I enjoyed
  7. CoreIssue

    CoreIssue Administrator Staff Member

    All I see is an accusation and declaration here. Not a single attempt to Biblically address a single point and proof I presented.

    That is neither discussion or debate. It is preaching.
  8. CTZonEdit

    CTZonEdit Site Administrator Staff Member

    I also see a lot of declarations without substance.

    You also don't understand the Pre-Adamic creation account nor does your source from AIG. If either of you did then you would see that Pre-Adamic beliefs are not a "gap filler" and is nothing like the "gap theory" since we know what happened there are no "gaps" in the biblical record.

    "Very good" is not perfect. God does not create anything in a "very good" state. He creates in perfection not "very good".

    His perfection became "very good."

    The question you should be thinking about is "Why?"
  9. CoreIssue

    CoreIssue Administrator Staff Member

    Agree, CTZ.

    I also will note he replied in the Six Days forum about the initial creation. That is actually covered in the Pre-Adamic forum, which is also in the Commentaries Category..

    The Pre-Adamic covers Genesis 1:1-2 plus a lot of other verses in the Bible on the topic. That information solidly disproves what he claimed and the Young Earth belief.

    The Commentaries Category was written to give a time and event flow from Creation to the future eternity. That is important.
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