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Wuhan Virus Started in Research Facility?


Pro Poster

I think this virus started in the Wuhan Center for Disease Control (WCDC).

These idiots were rounding up bats from all over China, bats who were known to carry the deadly SARS virus that caused problems in 2003 … and they put themselves in positions where they could be bitten and defecated on.

We have been assured that the Wuhan virus is not engineered but this is not he point. The point is the scientists doing research on the bats were not being careful and allowed themselves to be exposed. … and then they blame the fish market down the street.

There is a lot about this virus that is different from SARS that says to me someone has played with it, like it's ability to lay dormant for extended periods of time, ability to pass to others without symptoms, ability to re-infect after a person gets over the initial exposure. This is not a good thing. If there is no immunity built up by having the virus then that is not good.

Reminds me of the verse about "sowing the wind" and "reaping the whirlwind" …



Advanced Poster
I believe these vaccines are nothing more than a very small dose of the virus. This small dose activates your antibody defense.