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Women the gifts G-d gave to them, A list of powerful verses and scripture G-d gave to women.


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What are gifts G-d gave to the women.

1. God gave love to women Genesis 2:18-24 Lord wanted men to have women as it's companion and lover the first part of their story together. Genesis 1:26-28 God told womena nd men to rule over the land including animals and all. Show God gave equal dominion over the land and animals give to them and both rule over it. Show God intended them to live together forver happy before the devil interfered and love them both for giving them everything beofre the fall. Deuteronomy 6:5 Love the lord he gave it to man and women.

2.Gift the one of birth, the power of creation man does not have it only women have it. A gift only women have and authority it is never meant to have pains and suffer to give birth. But original before the devil interfered we were never meant to suffer.

3. Hair was A gift 1 cornitiahs 11:15 says to cover her it is humblesness to protect the beauty.

4. singing the second most important gift to hail the lord and sanctify him. Zephanay 3:17, epehsians 5:15-20 God gave it as the first thing man interacts to worship him.

5. Wisdom God have it and in proverbs 31 read the whole chapter 11 to 31 verses is how God wants the women to be wise and the women God wants.