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What happened to the northern Kingdom of Judah?
In the year 721 B.C. the Northern Kingdom fell before the vigorous attack of the Assyrian enemy, and its people were taken to a foreign land as captives. Later some escaped and went into the north countries. They are often referred to as the lost ten tribes. (See Enrichment D.)

The Fall of the Northern Kingdom (2 Kings 14–20)



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Jeremiah 1:16

- WHY?
- Because of Yah.weh’s judgments!
- Because of the evil they did!
- Because they abandoned Yah.weh for other gods!


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Isaiah 6:4

  • Yah.weh is everywhere but he doesn’t say anything!
  • On the contrary, the Seraphim speak about him!
  • And the sound of their voices is so powerful that doorposts and thresholds shake!
  • And the temple is filled with smoke!
  • A combination of sound and visual effects!
  • A powerful combination!
  • Do you remember Yah.weh speaking to Israel in the desert!
  • It was like thunder!
  • And Israel was scared to such an extent that they wanted Yah.weh to speak with Moses alone!
  • On the contrary, in Jeremiah we get a simple dialogue between Yah.weh and Jeremiah as if it was between two friends!
  • When you speak to Yah.weh, do you speak to him as if he was a friend?
  • Of course, we must show high respect!
  • Do you remember Abraham speaking to Yah.weh?
  • He was called Yah.weh’s friend!
  • But he showed high respect too!