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I'd prefer the ASV- but the archaic English (like the KJV) is too confusing!

I do understand your point.

It is very interesting that in just around 50 years the English language had changed and we can see the difference in this change
Luk 2:40

William Tyndale -= 1525
And the chylde grewe and wexed stronde in sprete and was filled with wysdome and the grace of God was with hym.

Geneva Bible -= 1560
And the childe grewe, and waxed strong in Spirit, and was filled with wisedome, and the grace of God was with

King James Version -= 1611
And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon him.

in just around 80 - 50 years the English Language had developed to what we see in the King James Version,
in fact, the King James Version is an exact copy of what the Roman Catholic produced as the English Douay Rheims Bible.
If we take the K.J.V and the
Catholic Douay Rheims Bible side by side they are exactly identical in about 96 % of both.

I am referring to both of these translations matching nearly identical both the spelling and in structuring of the language and The Trinitarian Faith System that was incorporated into the translation.

The entire Trinitarian Faith System for the Catholic Church had already been made into government Law enforced by penalty of death, torture and persecution since the fourth century.

The King James Version is nowhere even closely similar to what was considered as Old English just 100 years before,

it was produced by making The King James Version an almost exact duplicated copy of the Roman Catholic English Douay Rheims Bible - just 30 years of difference between the two translations.

Just a single generation had passed since the church of England had just broken away from the roman Catholic Church

this is- no less than 80 years had passed until the King James Translation was made. -

it was no more than just one single generation that had passed, since that the church of England had split / separated from the roman catholic church, that the Church Of England duplicated the Catholic English Translation to copy - cat as the K.J.V

Non Trinitarians and those opposing the Government mandate upon the manuscripts were tortured and killed by the millions for nearly 2000 years

ooh yea,

its been just a little over 400 years since the Catholic and Protestant English translations were accepted as allowed legal translations.

the English language has changed slightly but unless someone takes time to look up these older English words in these translations they would never really fully understand what the words mean.