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Dispensationalism versus covenant theology


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Yes it does. Non-Christian Jews. Non-Christian gentiles and Christian Jews and Gentiles.

The body of Christ is the co-heirs Israel and church.

The church is all believers from the resurrection of Christ to the rapture.

But that is irrelevant to dispensations.

Here is my view dispensation.



Mosaic law for Israel while conscience for everyone else. Israel was supposed to be the nation of missionaries. It failed.

The church age. But for the beginning conscience still was active in the world. The church is failing as well.

At the rapture the new covenant to the houses of Israel and Judah. Israel will then succeed at being missionaries. But mankind will continue in rebellion.

Then eternity.

Heather Frank

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Covenant theology? And that has something to do with Israel? Wow, the first time I heard of that, it was something to do with the original Cromwell. That's odd, because I've met Jewish citizens before, and even made social friend with them. One of them had a synagogue education, and he seemed to be saying that in Israel, the modern middle eastern country, a conservative/patriot (in terms of like an American Republican Conservative they call it the Likud Party, actually if you mean the race, you say Hebrew, but if you mean the religion it's Jew, and the two are supposed to coincide but don't always, because of free will. But when you just mean white English speaking people, it sounds like the first "Covenant theology people" were those English Cromwell revolutionaries, which is kind of weird sounding, because even though some Hebrews might be "apostate and not Jews, it doesn't look like it very often goes the other way, I've never met a Jew who wasn't also a Hebrew myself.


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Just two points. Jews are not a race, they are Caucasian.They are ethnically distinct. The religion is Judaism, not Jewish. There are many converts to Judaism, even in the Old Testament. In the New Testament there is no Judaism, there is Christianity.

The Bible declares to heirs, the Church and Israel, meaning the Mosaic covenant people and the blood covenant people. Mosaic Refers to the old testament division of Jew and Gentile. Church means all believers, Jew or Gentile.