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Forum purpose
This is where everyone to say where they want Peachtree city to go in the future. What they wanted to be.
We are 32 year residents.

I am a firm supporter of the village concept. That means five villages of distinct flavor and goals functioning together as a single city. Best of the small town and city together.

Trying to homogenize everyone into the same thing makes us no different than anywhere else.

Peachtree city should not urbanize and become just another spec in Metro Atlanta.

Nobody moved here to be Atlanta.

I do not want for the ARC counties to become a single entity with its own mayor and council.

I do not want high density and tall buildings.

I do not want the county to become border to border residential and retail.

I would like to see taxes lowered back to where they used to be.

While flowers are pretty, perennials can be just as pretty. At a much lower cost.

WASA needs qualified citizens sitting on its board. Not the Council.

The big variable on grass is rain. In droughts it dies and in rainy years it grows quickly. It does not care if the city employee or a contractor most.

But the cost of the citizens does.

In fact it looks no different now than it did 20 years ago.

Homeowners need to determine how their homes look, paint and otherwise. Not the city.

Citizens should be free to speak their minds without fear of government retribution.

I do not want to see train and bus transit here.

I grew up on a farm, have lived overseas, in a city of millions and here. The here we moved to this what we want.

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