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China knew about the virus on December 8th and sat on it until January 20th. Also, millions left Wuhan during that time frame to be with relatives throughout the world for Chinese New Year.

The degree of blatant disregard for human life by the Chinese government is almost beyond comprehension. What they did to their own people as well as to the peoples of other nations must be prosecuted to the fullest extent that we can muster. If they don't want to participate in an open form with all nations, we should isolate them until they rethink their position. They should not be able to travel freely to other nations until they show a little respect for all the peoples in the world.

[B]Himalaya Global[/B]‏ @[B]HimalayaGlobal[/B] 2h2 hours ago
Mayor of #Wuhan explained why #coronavirus was not disclosed to public until 1/20 (note: first case identified on 12/8) Because it was “not authorized by central government" of the CCP



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14 day quarantine is too short. We should have known that 2 months ago before 5,000,000 residents from Wuhan left to travel for their New Years ... all over the world ...

We are at game over for containment. Iran, Italy, South Korea, ...

It's always the same ... we think we know it all and we trust "scientists" and "medical professionals"

In our arrogance, we play in fields that can destroy us and, we ... just ... don't ... learn ...

This one looks like it is going to stay around and maybe stay in anyone who gets it... like HIV

Bottom line ... we are not smart enough to survive our own folly ...

Best turn to God ... we might all be meeting him sooner than you think ...




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Zhao Jianping, a doctor heading a team working in Hubei, said on Thursday that there had been cases in which patients tested positive after they had seemingly recovered.
“This is dangerous,” Zhao was quoted as saying by Southern People Weekly magazine. “Where do you put those patients? You cannot send them home, because they might infect others, but you cannot put them in hospital because resources are stretched.”

“It may be that there are still viruses or viral gene fragments in the discharged patients,” Cai Weiping, head of the infectious diseases department at Guangzhou No 8 Hospital, was quoted as saying. “It is not yet certain whether they are infectious. This is a new pathogen, and we don’t yet have a perfect process to understand it.”

I think I might stock up on non perishable food items ... rice, flour, powdered milk etc.