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What is the Falling Away?

Discussion in 'The Falling Away' started by CoreIssue, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. CoreIssue

    CoreIssue Administrator Staff Member

    It is essential to first define what is being talked about when we examine what is the Falling Away talked about in the Bible.

    In the most general terms it is when the earth, as whole, does a massive turning away from God.

    You see something similar happening before the Flood in Genesis.

    On a smaller scale you see it when Israel would turn away from God and he would punish them using foreign invaders to conquer them.

    But this time is it different. This time it is worldwide, involves far more people than it every did before and with modern technology makes it far more dangerous than we have ever seen in history.

    As well, this time we see Satan's Mystery Babylon reach full maturity with Satan creating the False Trinity to once again try to set aside and replace God's rule. This time on the earth instead of Heaven.

    In a manner of speaking what happened in Heaven leading to the ancient War in Heaven will repeat here.

    In the other areas covered under The Falling Away forum, we will look at specific Biblical verses and issues relating to this subject.
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