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The Day I am Gone

Discussion in 'Left Behind Letters' started by CoreIssue, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. CoreIssue

    CoreIssue Administrator Staff Member

    The Day I am Gone

    One day the world is going to be shaken by a large number of people just disappearing. There will be car accidents with no drivers found, reports of people disappearing right in front of other people, a final treaty resolution to the issues of Israel and Jerusalem, two men appearing in Jerusalem saying strange things and doing powerful miracles and many more staggering occurrences.

    At first there will be panic that some new weapon has been unleashed, aliens have invaded, secret government plots have kidnapped certain kinds of people and other reports and theories to explain away the disappearances. The two men will also be explained away in fanciful ways.

    Then it will come to light that all those people that disappeared were Christians. And heavily the Bible thumpers that were upsetting so many in so many ways.

    Yet a lot of people saying they are Christians will still be around. So the confusion continues and the mystery deepens.

    Some will realize this fulfills the Biblical prophecies of the Rapture that had been preached before these folks vanished. Others will look to their New Age beliefs and think the trouble makers have finally been removed so Man can get on with his destiny.

    So where is the truth in all these things once done?

    At this point for many listing out Bible verses and such is not really an answer. After all, for many that will be nothing new to hear.

    So at this juncture I would suggest you think about all those things you have heard and wonder if the proof of what was said has not materialized right before your eyes. The true Biblical Christians are gone, the Two Witnesses have stood up in Jerusalem to preach to Israel and people are crying peace at last for the conflicts in Israel.

    For a brief time it will appear the world may finally have achieved peace. But very quickly wars are going to break out and be fought by the one who devised the peace treaty. Here look to the charismatic leader of the EU.

    Wars will be joined by droughts which will bring on famine and short water supplies with much of it contaminated. Only the rich will be able to buy food.

    You will see millions die in the next three and one half years, the mighty EU leader will put himself forward as a literal god, will perform seeming miracles and will begin persecuting and killing the new Christians that will arise.

    Three and one half years after all this begins the EU leader will break the treaty he had with Israel and sweep in to conquer that nation. His high priest, who will occupy the throne of the Roman Catholic Church, but now worshiping their new god, will succeed in killing the Two Witnesses. The EU leader will enter then restored Temple at Jerusalem and sit in the Holy of Holies and declare himself god.

    The Jews who became followers of Christ over the last three and one half years will flee to a place of hiding frustrating the god king of the EU.

    The wrath of the EU god king and his high priest will be turned in full on those who came to Christ during the last three and one half years and the will seek to slaughter them all.
    A new system will be in place. No longer can one simply use cash. They must have a permit in their flesh, either in their hand or forehead, that will allow them to buy and sell.

    To gain this permit they have to bow to the god king ruler and declare him their god. Else die.

    But as well the true God in Heaven will strike the world making the events of the first three and one half years pale in comparison.

    And finally seven years after the Christians disappeared Christ will return to the earth, the EU Empire will be destroyed, the god king and his high priest killed and his armies destroyed. Christ will then rule this world himself, but no one who bowed to the god king will survive his coming.

    So remember these words as time passes. Think about who you will bow your knee to. Being Christ the true God and Savior of the Bible or the man in Rome declaring himself god as the old Roman Emperors did.

    The choice is yours. Accepting Christ could carry a death penalty for your flesh but you will live forever in blessing and peace with Christ in eternity. Rejecting Christ might gain you some time in the flesh it will gain you eternity in Hell.
    Ponder these issues well. keA lot is at stake.
  2. Cliff


    Personelly I have the strong conviction that when the rapture occurs these corrupt bodys of ours will be left behind as flesh and blood cannot be in the presence of God. Who we actually are will go to be with Jesus, but our dead bodies will be left for the anti-christ and his followers to dispose of. The anti-christ will point at the death of those who opposed his false religion and prophet (probably Islam and Mohammid) as proof of his diety which will catapault him into ultimate power as pre-ordained.
  3. Chrystalwuzhere

    Chrystalwuzhere <b><font color="blue">Smilies Moderator</font></b>

    Well, when Elijah and Enoch were taken, their bodies were never found or left behind. They went with them.

    God's Word tells us we will be changed, in the twinkling of an eye.
  4. CoreIssue

    CoreIssue Administrator Staff Member

    Christ was the first resurrected. His body was not left behind.

    And no. Islam is not the religion of the AC. We have discussed that many times and it has been shown the Bible rejects that notion and why.
  5. Jessie

    Jessie Pro Poster

    glad you posted this!
  6. City

    City Pro Poster

    I like what was said! A survey I saw was only 33% say they are "Christian" religion in this world but that lumps all who SAY they are Christians not necessarily the true Christians. The true Church is much smaller than 33% for the entire world! Thats a number to think about. I imagine myself driving down the road or out in public and picture this small number and am blown away! All the good things He has to offer; we are His!

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