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Discussion in 'Creative, Hobby and Skills Forum' started by City, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Jessie

    Jessie Pro Poster



    and thats much more important then it being a thing that everyone looks at and no one uses.
  2. City

    City Pro Poster

    I know my boundaries.
    I know my limits.
    For I am only a woman.
    I know my place in my family.
    I know my duties I must carry out.
    For I know my Father.
    I have so much joy.
    I have so much love.
    It is hard at times to contain it.
    I asked Him to give me a drink.
    He overfilled my cup.
    I asked Him to take away my sadness.
    And with it He replaced it with hope.
    I asked Him to never let me go.
    He holds on to me tight and with it He gives me His wisdom.
    I asked for some.
    He gave me much.
    I am so thankful for God.
    I am so thankful for Jesus.
    No words can express.
    No action would begin to show my gratitude.
    How wonderful He is.
    I am overfilled, trying to contain it.
    Trying to wait for Him to do with me what He will.
    I stop I think.
    I think of the missing.
    The ones He longs for.
    I think of how empty and sad they must be.
    I think of what darkness fills the deadened hearts.
    I feel overwhelmed how I must go and share what wonderful truth I found.
    I crave to show them the life we were all meant to live.
    I miss them as much as He does.
    I am saddened too.
    I pray for them to come home.
  3. InTheWind

    InTheWind Pro Poster

    Very nice. :tiphat:
  4. City

    City Pro Poster

    I look at my life, my journey.
    I see how far I've come.
    The road in my past has been so curvy.
    The present I look to home.

    The path ahead looks straight.
    Even though my feet from time to time may stumble.
    I look up from eyes of my current state.
    While I try to love and become humble.

    I try so hard every day knowing it's never enough.
    The love that He so gave.
    I also know of His mercy on this stuff.
    My life He has saved.

    He saved me from the teeth that gnash.
    He saved me from worldly darkness.
    He saved me from my selfish crash.
    He understood my pain and roughness.

    He said; turn to Me and you will live.
    A life so full of hope.
    Yourself is all you have to give.
    I will help you cope.

    He continued on to say these things.
    No matter how much before in the past.
    I pushed Him away because I was scared to sing.
    A song about how He changed me so fast.

    I knew all along He was right and true.
    I was scared to change but I finally took the step.
    I had to go past my pride too.
    I haven't regretted nothing yet.

    In fact my relationship with Him is so strong.
    Why was I so silly in the past to dodge Him.
    When I knew all along.
    He would fill my cup to the rim.

    With a thirst so quenched.
    And a belly so stuffed.
    The bible something now I clench.
    This isn't so rough.

    Now I sing all the time.
    In church, in my heart, or in my home.
    Nothing I spent not even a dime.
    Except some time in the bible I roamed.

    Thin pages so thick with Gods wisdom.
    His power, mercy, patience and love.
    Strikes every soul with knowledge of His Kingdom.
    Every time when they listen in their soul they feel a shove.

    To let Him work within.
    Give them something this world does not know.
    But in the Church family we know of forgiving of sins.
    Oh how brightly Gods light glows.
  5. kay-gee

    kay-gee Banned

    beautiful stuff...a.baker are you right or left handed?...curious. You say you have been singing a lot now. That is wonderful! Singing is such a sense of release. It is truly good for the soul. I am convinced that is why we are instructed to sing! Paul and Silas were able to sing even in the midst of great calamity.

    all the best...
  6. City

    City Pro Poster

    I absolutely love to sing! It really brings my mood up and when I sing about God or another song that relates to the way we are supposed to be, it gives me so much hope and makes me feel close to Him! On those cds I mailed you, my favorite song is by: The Fray called "How to Save a Life". It is about a friend who is sticking with their other friend friend through the night trying to help them out of addiction. To me thats a true friend is one that sticks it out even in the hardest of times! Listen to those words they make me have a smile of hope for others really. Yes like you said, a sense of release! I love acoustic music it is so simple, beautiful, and natural! Thats is my preferred, but I likes lots of music, but it has to have words that get to you though; the words have to mean something to you in some way.

    Oh and I am right handed.
  7. City

    City Pro Poster

    A letter to God

    Dear God in heaven I thank you today
    I thank you for clothing me with no holes or frays

    I thank you for shaping my heart my dear Creator
    You taught me how to change my ways today, not later

    I asked You for faith, patience and much love
    You made those in me by giving me the opportunity and a shove

    You gave me the tools I needed when I requested and your strength
    No job is ever too big for you no matter the length

    Your way is perfect and gives us much peace to rest
    Upon you I can lay my burden; oh I try my best

    How can I thank you, I feel undeserving, my heart is full of amazement
    That You God, You are so wonderful You saved me from enslavement

    Enslavement to the evil one, You saved me with your Son
    Jesus oh how I love You, you are the One

    Oh I love you God the way you cover me with your grace
    I cannot wait to go home one day to see your face

    So I can thank you in your presence and have honor just to see You
    How I long for you, I sit and wait for your cue

    There is nothing I could ever do or ever say in this poem or as long as I live
    That would even began to show my gratitude to what You give

    Thank you for Your guidance of the Holy Spirit dwelling inside my heart
    Thank you for giving me the feeling closeness even though I am far apart

    So I thank you; my God, my King, my Father, and my Savior
    Today and every day on after

    :hug: :yowza: :hug: :yowza: In Jesus name I pray Amen
  8. '67Scofield

    '67Scofield Getting Started

    Thanks a.baker 4 sharing those.
    I thought The Measure of the Treasure and A Letter to God were VERY good.

    Poems that rhyme do tend to add appeal to ones work,
    and rhyming and measure (the number of syllables in each line) is definitely work.
    I find a "rhyming dictionary" to be very useful. I bought one from a public library
    years ago real cheap. And no it's not cheating. I find that it takes me to paths of thought I normally would not have thought of because you see words you normally
    may not have thought about.
    Anyway, really enjoyed reading all the poems you posted and hope I'll see more.
  9. City

    City Pro Poster

    Hey thank x!
  10. '67Scofield

    '67Scofield Getting Started

    I really haven't written much in years but here's one I dug up and thought
    it to one of my better ones.

    "Light Is"

    Light reflects off water
    Light is dispersed by glass.
    Light reaches places
    Only small creatures pass.

    Light is born from a source
    But it will never end.
    It's as free as the Sun
    Not a dime you must spend.

    Light chases darkness
    Sure as worlds do turn.
    Darkness flees to the night
    From where you're born you must return.

    Light is life
    Without it, we perish.
    Love light
    And life you will cherish.

    Light is so many things
    More than I can explain.
    So I'll end this shortly
    Please suffer one more refrain.

    If you are tired of darkness
    And what it has become
    Stop running into the night
    And turn to face the Son.
  11. CoreIssue

    CoreIssue Administrator Staff Member

    Nicely said. :nod:
  12. City

    City Pro Poster

    Yes that was very nice :D and thank x for sharing!! Have any more?
  13. kay-gee

    kay-gee Banned

    Nothing simple about it. I can't wait for you to put it to music!

    all the best...
  14. InTheWind

    InTheWind Pro Poster

  15. City

    City Pro Poster

    I am a child of God
    Jesus is my brother
    He is my shelter
    Every day He renews me
    With Him there is hope
    One day He will come back
    And justify what is wrong
    He can take any piece of trash
    turn it into a masterpiece
    give Him thank x
    praise Him daily
    the worlds ears bleed with suffering, but I move on,
    listening to His Word and ignoring the rest
    I will not stop and I will not be silent
    throw me in a hole, leave me to the maggots and spit on me
    I will still, praise our God
    for the bread and water He gives
    for the understanding and listening ear He gives
    He saves us from deteriorating
    and withstands from any and all
    Christ our Savior is most High
    I find rest at his feet
    I kneel, offering my all
    But every day these sins and sleep
    fleshy and raw
    over take my zeal keeping my mind busy and full
    trying to push out His will for my being
    Yet again His grace covers me, His blood, and mercy
    only with Jesus can I fight
    this war, with peace and love
    The Holy Spirit gives my brittle soul
    strength to keep on,to hold on and to sing on
    Be the thank x to God and His one and only son Jesus Christ
    every day the weight of this quicksand tries to pull me down
    but Jesus hangs on to my hand and promises to never let go
    Must have faith my brothers and sisters
  16. '67Scofield

    '67Scofield Getting Started

    "Death Swallowed Up"​

    It seems that sin has found a hole
    To slither in and take a toll.
    To part us is it's evil goal,
    So what it wants is to kill our soul.​

    But I hear, you've found the cure.
    One that's sound, safe, and secure,
    One that's kind and oh so pure,
    One that always will endure.​

    A living well that does refresh,
    The sweetest balm for your flesh,
    A stronger point I can not stress,
    If you know Jesus, then God's impressed.​

    So take heart, my friend, be not dismayed.
    The battle's won; the strongholds raised.
    The foe retreats to shadows of gray
    To die a death, how shall I say?​

    The hole it found was but a trap.
    One nimbly placed with a subtle tap.
    When God made you, He drew a map.
    And yours and His overlap.​

    If any have questions please ask.​
  17. City

    City Pro Poster

    That was pretty good and I still love your quote at the bottom of your replies! Are you interested ever in writing a book?
    Something I have thought on before but was strongly thinking on it tonight. An autobiography type I think. Nothing from my past but only from whats going to come in the future; but not quite like a diary or nothing. I have no idea why I got this idea but I started to get lost in it just thinking ; what does God have in mind for my life, and is He going to, and how is He going to use me. It is just so joyous and exciting to think of God having a use for me.

    Thank x again for sharing your poetry!

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