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My Lyrics - Christian

Discussion in 'Creative, Hobby and Skills Forum' started by Christian, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. Christian

    Christian Banned

    I decided, now that more comfortable, to release some of my arts. I try to keep positive messages
    even in my depressive days. Don't get me wrong i'm one of those strange people who's happy 24/7 i'm just
    in touch i guess. These are just my recent, like up to a month back tops.

    Lyrics by Chrisian


    Hello there my old friend
    So glad to talk to you again
    And i don't know why
    I even tried
    Cuz i can't do this on my own
    I can't even see straight im so stoned
    And i don't know why
    Why i'm still alive

    - - - -


    So i hear your searchin' for that feelin
    That twinkle in your toes
    But there's a part no one knows
    Each time more of your soul goes
    So Maybe you'd do better alone
    But were scared to be strong on our own
    So i will sit here and ill stare into space
    Becuase i cry when i see my own face
    So i hear your searchin' for that feelin
    But i've already met that demon.

    - - - -

    Why You Lie

    I know why you lie and lie and lie
    Your greed is your alliby
    And i know you say my logic is a soda without God's fizz
    But i have a Bible too but I don't kill kids
    I can only imagine
    You outside that gate
    I can only image
    You On your high horse still preachin that hate.

    - - - -


    It's cold outside today
    It's 80+ but not for me
    I never thought that i really cared
    Until i sat alone and i stared
    I wish you'd understand
    I did the best with my card hand
    I think about the eyes ill never see again
    I think about the couple that wont be again
    I think about our timnes and all the strife
    But i realize that's what we call life
    Your eyes were cold that day
    Just like my body is today
    I saw you for the first in a year.
    But like normal i let you dissapear.

    - - - -


    Here comes the clouds again
    every drop is like acid
    but does anyone care?
    as long as they have spiked hair?
  2. John Beckett

    John Beckett


    Those are some "deep" lyrics, Brother. You must have been
    very deep in thought while writing them. Good job!

    Here's a quick sample of my song, "God-Blessed Love" .....

    They say that there is someone
    for every person in the world
    It's just a matter of the boy
    finding the right girl


    It's so much easier when
    there's Intervention from Above
    Before you know it,
    you've found true love

    And darling, I've seen "the Sign"
    that shows I'm yours and you are mine
    So now, my love, there is no doubt
    That you and I will spend eternity in Heaven .....

    ... worshiping God! :nod:
  3. City

    City Pro Poster

    Hey Christian can you explain the lyrics to me? Some times what the artist writes says something different than what you think they saying. They sound pretty cool. I have some poetry too but I guess I write better from my heart than trying to rhyme; thats just me. Some of my stuff is funny or weird. But hey best to be oneself I suppose.
  4. Christian

    Christian Banned

    Thanks John, i like yours too.

    And baker, i'll only do it beings you asked, haha,..

    Alive: My talking to God for the first time in too long. Things only got worse without him. To be happy i had to pursuit physical risks such as intoxication. Eventually, if you're smart, you find yourself in this retarded hole, and in my case decided to focus back on God. I mean i just felt like i literally forgot about religion for a while you know. Even though i was still living in it.

    Demon: One thing i've regreted the most my entire life: Losing my virginity before marriage. The Demon is sex/lust. Don't take that wrong though, i was actually dissapointed it, sex is only worth thinking about when you're doing it, not any other time in your life that could be focused on something constructive. Just regret having made myself vulnerable in general.

    Why You Lie: Political song. Plays an allusion on "I can Only Imagine" the Christian Hymn. Politicians lies and wars over situations that could have been handled by a storm and arrest instead of a war.

    Cold: About a breakup with a girl. I didn't treat her well but also didn't realize i actually cared until it was too late.

    Waffles: About pollution. 'Nuff said ;p
  5. kay-gee

    kay-gee Banned

    Some great stuff!

    all the best...
  6. City

    City Pro Poster

    Sounds good Christian! Thanks :)
  7. Christian

    Christian Banned

    Thanks for the interest haha. Maybe i'll upload me playing/singing them on Acoustic sometime, haha.
  8. kay-gee

    kay-gee Banned

    Cool... what kinda acoustic you have?

    all the best...
  9. City

    City Pro Poster

    Yeah do it up; I love acoustic music! Kaygee is way into that sort of thing too.
  10. Christian

    Christian Banned

    A new one came out of nowhere today when i was just playing around...

    July 28

    While I'm Gone

    I hope that if i have to say goodbye
    You'd know to stop and look at the sky
    I hope that when your life gives you a block
    You'll stop and fast and remember the past

    I hope you know i'll love you
    No matter what you do
    Although I have to leave you for a short time
    I've already written your name in these palms of Mine.

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