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If you stumble upon this

Discussion in 'Left Behind Letters' started by City, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. City

    City Pro Poster

    If you stumble upon this, my life saving advice is to search and seek a Christian Bible. Read what it says and see all the wisdom God has revealed to us. See the truth and with it gain understanding.

    That this is not the end, that theres more to life, what you may think is life is not life until you let Jesus be revealed to you, then will you finally be free.

    You make a choice to seek or to ignore. The wise choice to seek will prove the Bible is not just a book but words breathed from our Creator. Its not a religion but a relationship. Something you won't understand until the relationship starts to form. God has already taken the first step, are you to follow or be left behind?

    Do you stand or do you cower? Do you speak whats right even though your legs are shaken unable to stand? What do your actions say, where does your heart lie. Is your heart still beating or is it cold?

    Do you seek the Christ of the Bible or another? Why do you follow and not test?

    Who do you cry for, yourself or the world?

    Think of the word glorified. Think of the weight of a name such as Almighty.

    What, you think your a good person? So you've never lied, stolen, been selfish, use Gods name as a curse word, lusted for another, been deceiving, purposefully hurt another with fist or words; people the list goes on. We're all rubage.

    But Jesus can wash us clean with his blood and make us like new. He can take away the filth and replace it with the good things God has so freely offered through mercy and grace.

    So again I urge you to read the Bible, if they are hard to find then search and pray for one to be delivered your way. I guarantee you God will answer your prayer and bring His word.

    Think I've always been a Christian? Think again. We all start some where.

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