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A Tribute to my Mother

Discussion in 'Creative, Hobby and Skills Forum' started by Chrystalwuzhere, May 12, 2006.

  1. Chrystalwuzhere

    Chrystalwuzhere <b><font color="blue">Smilies Moderator</font></b>

    I could've used one of the millions of beautiful poems that I have seen written about Mothers, but I figured that for my mother, the only poem that could honor her is one written about her. Only she has walked the road she's walked, and filled the shoes she has filled. So, I wrote her a poem, and want to give a shout-out to my mother for Mother's Day.

    :rofl: I'm a real sentimental cornball, but I love this stuff. Just humor me... mmmmmkay?

    The Mother's Cross

    I've seen you face the devil's ranks
    With sword and shield in hand.
    I've seen you walk one extra mile
    With barely strength to stand.
    I've seen you raise your precious babes
    By falling on your knees
    And calling out to Father God
    With mournful, selfless pleas.​

    ~~~†††~~~ ​

    Your sobs were like a symphony,
    A vast and grand array
    Of music strumming soft my heart,
    A tune that's meant to stay.
    Your prayers were more than lofty lines,
    But gently spoken words;
    Meant only for the ears of God,
    And every word was heard.​

    ~~~†††~~~ ​

    Your silent tears ran down your face
    As one by one, we strayed.
    And knowing God could bring us back,
    Down on your knees you stayed.
    The Mother's Cross you've always borne
    With never one regret;
    Without one grudge you carried it,
    And yes, you bear it yet!​

    ~~~†††~~~ ​

    And though your hair has turned to gray,
    Your babes are grown and gone~
    They're cleaving to their truest loves,
    With babies of their own,
    Your Mother's Cross, you still shall bear,
    You'll never lay it down;
    For it's been carried by your heart,
    The truest heart that's found. ​

    I love my Mommy. :tease:
  2. Brandli5

    Brandli5 Guest

    Sweet poem
  3. CoreIssue

    CoreIssue Administrator Staff Member

  4. InTheWind

    InTheWind Pro Poster

    Very nice Chrystal :nod: :hug:
  5. PrayzHim


    Great poem, Good Job!:nod:
  6. Jessie

    Jessie Pro Poster

    beautiful with so much depth!
  7. Peach

    Peach Guest

    That was absolutely beautiful!! It is, in my opinion one of the hardest things in poetry to write a poem that is both rhyming and deeply meaningful. You have achievied this. Congratulations!!!
  8. `

    Yeah. What Peach said! ;)

    Great job, dear.
  9. City

    City Pro Poster

    Yes that was a beautiful poem that I am sure brought tears of joy to her face. Your a wonderful daughter to notice these things about her and to let her know in such a unique, meaningful and loving way as you do. You should write more. I love poetry I am just not good at writing my own. Things like this is what mothers really want for mothers day!

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